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Take a look at Shell in Ireland

Find out more here about the devastating affect of Shell's activities on wildlife, on human communities and on the global climate, as well as its attempt to present a green image through arts sponsorship.

Shell Wildlife Photographer Exhibition Heads To Aberystwyth, Hotly Pursued By Shell's Wild Lie, November 2007.

Anti-Shell protests In Belfast here


Songs of freedom at opening of Shell Wildlife Photographer Travesty, 27.10.07 Protests at carbon town here

More News

Shell Competition Contacts

Email Michael Dixon, boss of the Natural History Museum:, cc to &

Email or phone- (020 7942 5000 ) - the Natural History Museum - More contact info from NHM website.

Contact the Wildlife Photographer Competition judges.
Tell them what you think. - Details

Contact competition organisers BBC Wildlife Magazine.


Shell Gets the Boot..

Should not be sponsored by Shell

This month's BBC Wildlife refers to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008, plain and simple, in its call for entries to the new exhibition, and a call to the magazine confirmed that Shell is no longer sponsor. (Its 2 year deal ends with the current exhibition.) READ MORE

Shell buys councilShell's Activities In Mayo

External site:
Find out all about the campaigns
against Shell in ireland.

Shell's Activities In Nigeria -

A tale of greed, murder and corruption
A suitable partner for the Wildlife Photographer Competition?

climate stamp
What else you can do

Ideas for campaigning and making the transition beyond oil.

Stop the corporate greenwash and political spin and do something practical.


Come to the Camp for Climate Action 2007, (, take action and learn about the root causes of climate change, new skills and alternative technologies.

jeoren van de veer
Shell Whistleblowers -

Not just barrels of oil fraud....

External Shell news site here and here
Also here.
And an ITN Media censorship story.


& remember Madonna and Chevrolet are not Eco friendly - LIVE EARTH IS CORPORATE GREENWASH - see here
( external link )
. Musicians very welcome!!!!


Education upper street demo

Shell To Sea -
Co. Mayo Campaign

Corporate Watch - Keeping an eye on dirty dealings

- Researching Social and ecological justice

Positive things you can do

Take part

No Membership required
Come to meetings and find out what you can do.
Thursday evenings @
LARC. 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1, Whitechapel tube, on the corner of Fieldgate Street and Parfett Street.

Sign up for e-news

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Download pdf books
posters and audio.

Send off for stickers, leaflets etc.